NuHalu is using mixed reality to bring museum exhibits to life. Our goals are to create immersive experiences to amplify the visitor engagement and entertainment at museums and historical locations.

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NuHalu is using mixed reality to bring museum exhibits to life. Our goals are to create immersive experiences to amplify the visitor experience at museums and historical locations.

At each of the museums and historical sites we’ve talked to, they have a huge passions for the subject matter on display at their location. Their challenge is being able to immerse the visitor into the stories of each artifact or location. In today’s world of constant distractions, especially from personal mobile devices, they are battling to keep them engaged. Unfortunately, a number of visitors are bored, disengaged and leave the location uninformed. If they leave the location like this, they are not going to come back which will affect attendance and retention

At Nuhalu, we create an experience that engages, entertains and informs the visitors with effective storytelling to pull them into the story being told and provides a lasting impact.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in creating animations and digital content. By utilizing our large network of truly talented artists and developers, we can create these experiences to help these locations and their visitors.

Continued Engagement

Our content can be reused to create apps and websites for use in classrooms or at home anywhere in the world. This provides more awareness for the museums and engagement for vistors.

Ed Hull


Hello! My name is Edward Hull.

I am an animator that thrives on bringing ideas to life. Whether the end product is a game, a commercial, a children's program or a feature film, there is nothing greater than taking a character and creating an appealing resemblance of life. In my heart, I am a storyteller and it is my dream to make someone laugh and cry within a simple animation story and influence them to do something good that they would not have considered otherwise.

When I’m not working, I am always with my wife and son. I am very much a kid at heart, love to play with my son, take the family traveling, or just sit at home playing games or watching movies.

I am extremely excited about VR/AR/MR technologies and the impact they will have on how people will view and interact with content. I believe that animations will play a huge part in making the most memorable moments for games and experiences; moments that people won’t just see, but feel and live.