Technology has been rapidly inserting itself between individuals and the rest of the world. At NuHalu, we want to embrace the cutting edge of technology that will allow us to start reconnecting face-to-face.

With mixed-reality devices, users can still see the environment they’re in as well as their friends and family. The device is clear plastic.

What we do is add some magic to the device so it looks like there’s a cave troll searching for you, or that historical figure is telling you their story, in their actual home, or you’re aiding a cartoon character. The beauty is, when you experience something really cool, you get to look at the people you’re with – in the eye – and share that moment.

We’re creating long-lasting, bonding moments.

We also understand that the thrill of new technology lasts for maybe 30 seconds. That’s why we craft our experiences around emotionally driven stories. Imagine what it’d be like to share a solemn moment with a historical figure who’s no longer with us? Or be creeped out by a seemingly real-life ghost? Or laugh out loud at some absurd moment you just had with a cartoon character?

We believe this is the next storytelling paradigm and are eagerly forging the way.