What We Do

At NuHalu, we bring people together through immersive, shared experiences.  We blend reality and fantasy, art and technology, story and spontaneity to give our users unique adventures.

No really, what do you DO?

We create mixed-reality experiences using head-mounted devices such as a HoloLens or Magic Leap One for both location-based and at-home entertainment. Our experiences are character-based and (usually) story-driven since we were started by a handful of animators and storytellers who want nothing else than to put fantastic characters in the real world.


SuperConductor is an experience that allows users to compose music simply by interacting with the characters, creatures and objects around them – no need to know anything about music. Our algorithms will make sure the music you create is always aesthetically pleasing.

The music you create can be as subdued as music to meditate by, as cool as something you’d hear on Stranger Things, or as moving as the most heart-pounding EDM you can find.

All of the visuals of the experience from the characters to the beautiful FX will also morph according to the music you’re creating, giving you the power to create the trippiest experience you can imagine!